Our Services


 With many designs to choose from, Ueberrhein Cabinets has a vast selection of high end finishes and styles available. Our showroom has  templates and samples to guide you through selecting the perfect accent for your home.


Woods and Other Materials

  You have choices of regular or exotic wood including Alder, Oak, Maple, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Hickory, or Ipe.  Other custom choices include thermafoil and MDF. For example we've used 1" thick plexiglass doors for transparent cabinet storage and stainless steel laminates to match appliances. 



  When you have an idea, but don't know if it will work, we will provide our "know how" to make a workable fix. Our designers have extensive resources to help you plan a perfect kitchen to suit your style and accommodate your needs. Whether you need a silverware tray, lazy susan, or blind corner shelving unit, the options are endless, limited only by your imagination and budget. These upgrades are what make your kitchen unique. We will maximize and utilize every inch of space we can, while making it convenient and appealing at the same time. And it doesn't stop in the kitchen, ask our designers about upgrade options for the bath, livingroom and whatever you need.



 When you want a kitchen to stand out, you may want to consider using a custom finish or color. Although the natural look of wood is beautiful, stain and glazing techniques give wood more depth.  It also works as a barrier against moisture. Our cabinet shop strives to match your interior design to accent your walls, floors, countertops and to tie everything together. If you prefer the aged look, we can use antiquing, distressing, or toning to give your cabinets a lovely aged appearance. Custom conversion varnish comes in a variety of sheen and matte. Painted finishes are also a specialty in our sprayshop. A new technique instituted recently is staining, coating, then painting and distressing creating a modern artistic style. Talk to our designers to take a quick trip through our finish shop. See our cabinets come to life right before your eyes. We're sure you'll find the perfect finish to beautify your cabinets and match your lifestyle.